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COVID-19 (Corona Virus)’s Pandemic is the first-ever Viral Pandemic that shook the World inside out coercing Countries to be forcibly quarantined.  Every passing day of the quarantine, the question repeats, “When will this CoronaVirus Pandemic end?” But for this to happen, someone should find the vaccine (anti-viral drug) for this virus. As for now, WHO has declared that among the 80 CoronaVirus vaccines in development worldwide, 6 of the vaccines are in the human trial.

So, When will the Coronavirus Vaccine be ready?

A Potential CoronaVirus Vaccine developed by Oxford University has begun human trials on two case-patients. As per the University, on Thursday 23 April, one of the volunteers received the vaccine and the other was injected with ‘the control‘, a widely available Meningitis Vaccine.

Accordingly to the report of BBC, The pair will be monitored for 48 hours before six more people enter the trial on Saturday and a larger number will join at the beginning of next week.

Researchers in Oxford believe “in a couple of months” they can analyze the effectiveness of the Vaccine if the Active Cases remain high for enough data to study. But if transmission levels drop it could take up to six months. Also, Scientists at Oxford have previously said the aim is to produce a million doses of the vaccine by September.

Around 1,110 people will take part in the trial with half being injected with control and a half with the vaccine. Professor Sarah Gilbert, who is leading the Oxford vaccine team, has previously said she’s “80% confident” the vaccine will work to the BBC.

•When will the CoronaVirus Pandemic End?•

How the Vaccine was able to be made?

The vaccine was developed in under three months by a team at Oxford University. Owing to the fact, The team at the University of Oxford had been preparing for an event like the COVID-19 Pandemic before the current global outbreak. They had already created a genetically engineered chimpanzee virus that served as a base for the new vaccine. For the vaccine, they combined it with parts of the new coronavirus.

•When will the CoronaVirus Pandemic End?•

When will it be available in Nepal?

Even if the vaccine is discovered, When will it be available in Nepal?  After all, Oxford University has mentioned that the vaccine will be mass-produced as soon as its effectiveness is observed. So that it will be accessible globally.

If so, Since Nepal has very low ongoing cases comparatively & also in view of inadequate health care services. The vaccines might be provided sooner to avoid the increase in cases.

Another thing to consider is Serum Institue of India, Pune is also co-operating with the team of Oxford University to start making trials on the Vaccines. So, these facts favor the Probability of Nepal getting Vaccines.  

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•When will the CoronaVirus Pandemic End?•


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