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Under the fear of the CoronaVirus Pandemic, many of the countries declared a state of emergency. And placed Lockdown to keep down the impact of this Pandemic. When the majority were believing lockdown was not likely to happen, the Government out of the blue placed lockdown closing the borders and even movement inside the country.
Like the devastating Earthquake of 2015, lockdown is a new experience for all of us Nepalese. Moreover, People weren’t prepared and still have trouble understanding what to make of this situation. To realize, There are many things to avoid during this lockdown, some mentioned below:

  1. Frequently getting out.

    The self-quarantine period can be fun for some days but staying inside the house might get boring after a while. So, the urge to get out of the house, roam freely in the streets might be our tendency. But, the question arises,

    “Is your desire to get outside greater than your life and the risk you bring upon your family’s?”

    But sometimes, things must be bought requiring you to go out. For cases like this, Families can buy necessary stuff and groceries in bulk for a week. Getting out is unsafe even if you maintain social distance, so always use masks and sanitizers. For this reason, try to stay inside your house always as possible.

  2. Overbuying stuff

    As said before, buy necessary things in bulk but in the required number. Do not overbuy things because this might unnecessarily create a shortage of the essentials for others. Even stocking unnecessarily creates chances of products getting expired and unusable. Plus it’s not a wise way to spend your money at a time of crisis like this. So, try not to overbuy stuff during the lockdown.

  3. Meeting People

    As much as it sounds farfetched, you should limit your distance to everyone. Try not to have friends and guests over. Sanitize your hands after every social interaction and try covering your face with a mask when you talk with someone.

    Interaction through the phone and the internet would be a generous approach for interaction now. Since people might seem healthy to us and themselves but they might be carrying viruses waiting to fully take over. In brief, Social Gathering might not be most fitting to do during the lockdown.

  4. Staying Physically Inactive

    It’s obvious that at times like this everyone wants to spend their time being lazy and unproductive. Binging Series on your couch is the best thing to do for a few days to remain occupied. But staying lifeless might trigger up some health issues. So, try working out at home or at least be active even inside your house. We have listed a Simple Workout Routine in our previous blog which might be of help.

    Also Staying lazy and eating excessive greasy and unhealthy food might not end up well. So, one should also eat nourishing meals to assist the inactive living.

  5. Excessive Social-Media

    During this period, we might be in front of mobile phones, TV or laptop screens for the whole day. We all know this is of no good to us. Instead of sluggishly living like this we can promptly be engaged in some active fun and productive tasks as we mentioned in our early blog.

    According to, abundant social media consumption negatively impacts the brain resulting in reduced attentionmemory difficulties along with disability to think, read, and write at a deep level. In reality, not only for this time span, Excessive Media Consumption is not and was never a worthwhile act to remain occupied.  


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